Mesh Tea Strainer

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Now you can make your favorite tea for more than one! The Large Mesh Tea Strainer can hold a few ounces of herbs to steep one big pot for the whole family.

The Strainer can also be used for easier clean up after your ritual baths! Simply load it up with your favorite bath products or herbs, steep, and remove.

Comes in your choice of Cimaruta, Mano Fico, Immaculate Saint Mary, or Mano Cornuto charm.


Cimaruta, an Italian folklore witch tree charm. It is a good luck charm that wards off the evil eye. It is a spring of Rue with three main stems, which symbolizes the triformis Goddess Diana. There are a few versions of this charm, with various designs. This one in particular has a "flaming" heart, a rooster (the watchful guardian),  a moon (main symbol for Diana, Goddess of the Moon), and a key(symbolizes Hecate).

Mano Fico, an Italian amulet for protection against the evil eye. The thumb and fist gesture represent a sexual union. It is seen as an "obscene" gesture to insult or distract evil.

Immaculate Saint Mary Medal.

Mano Cornuto, an Italian amulet for protection against the evil eye. It is symbolized by a hand (Mano) gesture of an animal's horns (Corno) of protection. 

Comes in muslin drawstring bag.