Malocchio Meditation Mist

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Malocchio Meditation Mist is a blend of oils, crystals, and a touch of Rue. To help ward off negative energy and create a layer of protection and discernment around you. This mist can be utilized during ceremonial rituals or every day moments. 

Malocchio is the Italian superstition of the Evil Eye. It is the look one person gives to another out of envy. It can be intentional, or unintentional depending on one's self awareness. According to folklore, those who give the malocchio can cause harm and even curse another. It has been known to cause misfortune, headaches, and body pain.

This mist includes a blend of 9 protective essential oils like Bay, Cedar, and Cinnamon.

Malocchio works well for protection, shielding, grounding, evil eye, and uncrossing spellwork.

Close your eyes, spray one mist overhead, and feel the mist gently fall over you. Let the grounding and protection energy of each stone and oil flow through you and reset your mental and emotional state. When needed, it may be used to cleanse your personal crystals. 

Comes in a four ounce spray bottle.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Essential Oil Blend, Cleansed and Charged Crystals, Witch Hazel.

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