Incense Matches

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Incense offerings, invocations, and air freshener in a portable match book. Lights like a match and burns like incense! Use the Incense Matches throughout the home or on the go for all your fresh and ritualistic needs.


Each matchbook contains 30 strikes and is foil wrapped.

To Use: Strike match away from yourself on the backside of the book. Hold lit match straight up (you don't want to burn yourself!) and allow to burn down approximately 1/4 inch. Blow out flame and place in a heat safe container or cauldron.

Bayberry: Sweet berries and pines in this natural scent. Great for grounding and money magic spell work.

Cinnamon: The warm spiciness of fall! Great for protection, healing, success, and spirituality spell work. An offering for Venus.

Coconut: A straightforward and yummy scent of coconuts. Great for purification and protection spell work. An offering for the Moon.

Frankincense: A traditional smoky scent of spirituality. Our favorite for protection spell work and boosting and other intention. An offering for all deities, but especially Solar.

French Vanilla: A creamy vanilla scented favorite! Great for love spell work or adding sweetness to any intention. An offering for Venus.

Goddess of Egypt: Warm and feminine aromas to channel the Goddess Bast. Great for all types of spell work, especially protection , love, and money magic.

Hollyberry: A warming fusion of hollyberries with a pinch of clove! Great for protection, luck, dream magic, and money magic spell work. An offering for Jupiter and Mars.

Jasmine: The enchanting scent of fresh Jasmine flowers! Great for love, money magic, spirituality, and moon magic spell work. An offering for the Moon.

Musk: A traditional sweet, woody velvet scent. Great for spell work for animals. 

Oriental Blossom: A light fusion of floral blossoms. Great for love and luck spell work. An offering for Venus.

Patchouli: Channel your inner "dirty hippie" with this earthy scent. Great for money magic, love, and spell work. An offering for Saturn.

Potpourri: Because chances are, you're living with at least one person who needs a supply of this in the bathroom.

Rain: A clean and crisp floral scent. Great for any spell work utilizing water.

Spice: It's fall, all year long with this warming blend of favorite spices! Great for protection and money magic spell work.

Strawberry: Sweet and tart, the scent of fresh strawberries to drop you into wonderland. Great for love and luck magic spell work. An offering for Venus.