Crystal Chips & Points

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Crystal chips and points for all your magical needs. Add and extra boost to skincare products, perfume oils, candles, and spell work of any kind. This crystals are the same kind that are used in the Meditation & Ritual Mists.

You'll receive your choice of one ounce of crystal chips in a recyclable paper bag or one ounce of crystal chips in small apothecary glass vial.

Amethyst Chips

Amethyst diffuses anger and frustration by promoting calmness and peace. Amethyst stimulates the crown energy center which creates a connection to the spiritual realm; making it a wonderful choice for meditation.

Black Obsidian Chips

One of my favorite powerful crystals to effectively release blocks caused by traumas. Obsidian is actually glass formed from volcanic lava that hardened so quickly it formed no crystalline structure. Obsidian is usually seen as intense because it works rapidly at giving you insights to your shadow self; your weaknesses, fears, flaws, etc. Deep soul healing is not always an easy task, but Obsidian will help protect you through the darkest times.

Carnelian Chips

A stimulating crystal that aids the physical body with energy levels. It also stimulates courage to overcome difficulties in life. It is full of life force. It is a talisman for success and attracting prosperity. It is a wonderful choice for creative pursuits. Carnelian stimulates the Sacral Chakra.

Citrine Chips

Carrying the power and warm of the Sun, Citrine is a wonderful stone for will power and manifesting. It boost creativity by clearing and refreshing the mind like a cool Spring day. It stimulates the Solar Plexus, but has a grounding quality to it to help you step into your power. Citrine works well in prosperity and money spells.

Clear Quartz Points

Known as a master healer crystal, Clear Quartz can be used for any ailment. It is the most versatile of all healing crystals as it can activate and align all chakras. Quartz is one of the most abundant on Earth. It can help protect against negative energy by strengthening the aura. Because of its prismatic quality, Clear Quartz gives out a frenquency that can align all chakras together. It is, also, known for being able to cleanse all other crystals around it.

Fluorite Chips

Fluorite boosts creativity to help inspire new ideas. It minimizes conflict by absorbing negative energy. Excellent to help with meditation as it stimulates the Third Chakra and calms the mind. Utilized for its connect to the Heart Chakra to release emotional trauma and aligning with your true life purpose.

Lapis Lazuli Chips

A stone of wisdom and truth. It enhances intellectual ability and stimulates the higher mind. It stimulates the upper chakras and help with blocks in communication and judgement. Lapis is also a known choice for combating and protecting against the Evil Eye.

Rose Quartz Chips

Rose Quartz gives its gentle pink energy to help open the heart and tend to emotional wounds. It promotes self nurturing and comfort while inspiring love. In doing this work for your heart center, Rose Quartz helps give us the capacity to love not only ourselves, but those around us.

Tiger's Eye Chips

A stone of prosperity and perception. Tiger's Eye is known as an all-seeing-eye. It helps boost your senses and insight to help protect you from negative intention. It brings luck and good fortune into the home. It challenges your creative side while supporting your determination for work.