Clear Quartz Crystal

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Known as a master healer crystal, Clear Quartz can be used for any ailment. It is the most versatile of all healing crystals as it can activate and align all chakras. Quartz is one of the most abundant on Earth. (There are even farms around the US that find them in their soil. Can you imagine your land producing endless quartz!?) It can help protect against negative energy by strengthening the aura. Because of its prismatic quality, Clear Quartz gives out a frequency that can align all chakras together. It is, also, known for being able to cleanse all other crystals around it.

One of my favorite ways to utilize quartz is by including it in crystal grids. Especially, one to guard your home. It is lovely to have sitting in all your windows dispersing sunlight into rooms. My favorite fun fact about quartz is its usage in watches. If you own a watch, you can thank the abundant quartz for helping you keep track of time.

Comes in a muslin drawstring bag.

Crystals are numbered 1-7, from top to bottom, left to right.