Autumn Equinox Ritual Box

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Harness the energy of the Autumn Equinox with your own ritual box! Brew yourself some tea, light your candle, meditate with your crystals, and journal throughout the season. This kit has all the basics you will need to do so! Start off your Autumn Equinox season in a mindful way!

Box includes:

>> 1.5 ounces of the new Underworld Tea. A base of black tea as dark and refreshing as the midnight hour. Sweetness from pomegranate and blackberries to signify the union of Persephone and Pluto/Hades. Orange and mint to bring the balance the flavor and awaken the senses like the Equinox itself. Topped off with vanilla for a little luxury. 

>> Red chime candle with Equinox inspired sigil and black holder. The sigil is one I created specifically to help transition through the seasons and transformational changes ahead. Each candle will be dressed with my own Autumn Equinox oil blend and herbs pressed into the carvings. The sigil will be activated once lit.

>>(Not pictured) Equinox Sigil Sticker, so you can continue to use this powerful symbol throughout the season! Picture coming soon.

>>Carnelian Obelisk. Picture is an example of what you will receive. Coloring will vary.

>> Smoky Quartz Point. Picture is and example. Size and coloring will vary. Points will be roughly 25-30g in weight.

>>(Not pictured) Autumn Equinox Zine. The zine will feature information on the Autumn Equinox. A ritual for you to conduct with your items. Correspondences and meanings behind each box item, journal prompts, astrology forecast, and more!