The Plant Witch & Moon Babe instigating you to re-ignite your inner fire and see the magic that is your life in the physical realm.

Erminia's magical path started at a young age; from investigating the life of the ants in her backyard to innocently asking her birth time to calculate her birth chart. She was always curious of the life around her on all levels. Like many who revel in the workings of the universe and all realms, many of her passions were hidden and sometimes even repressed. Like Proserpina, Erminia was submerged into an underworld of depression, self sabotage, and disconnection from spirit. Living life this way catapulted Erminia to transform and step into her power. Unapologetically living with radical self-love, and encouraging others to do the same. Erminia founded Ceraso Erboristeria (formerly Jasmine Moon Apothecary) to help turn self care, herbal wellness, and ritual into an empowering practice for one’s personal growth.

The apothecary is lovingly named after Erminia’s late nonna, of whom she was named after. Ceraso stems from the word for “cherry” or “cherry tree” in the dialect of her family’s home region. The Cherry Tree blooms just once a year, like a reminder that sometimes we can only share a brief moment with our loved ones. The name Ceraso embodies what Erminia’s nonna showed her in their short time together in the physical realm, and their continued connection through the spiritual.